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Hi there, I'm Apparatus

Hi my name is Apparatus. I am an Illustrator and I also work with MMD as an MMDPV Director. I am a lover of music, and I hope one day, I can write beautiful songs that people will love. I use Vocaloid and Utau. Favorite Vocaloid I like to use Hatsune Miku, Utatane Piko, Megpoid Gumi, VY2, and Iroha. I have 3 Utau, 2 who are unfinished, both are from back in 09'. Current utau, Akari Hoshi has 2 V-CV banks, a core and a soft append, both for DL. My current project for utau is two VCV banks, and eventually a tripitch VCV. I occasionally do art commissions, but I also like to collaborations with nice people in the Utau, Vocaloid, and MMD communities. I am a bit discombobulated at times, because I take on too many projects at once, because I just love what I do so much! Don't be afraid to talk to me or ask me for help on anything, I actually enjoy any messages I get! All of my artwork is tagged with
"my art" so feel free to take a look!
My 'Portal' page:
May 7 '12
Here is finished Feferi!
Still livestreaming:
Art by me, design by

Here is finished Feferi!

Still livestreaming:

Art by me, design by

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